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  • I was 33 when I left my corporate job and started my first venture Ethika, an Insurance Broking Organisation with absolutely zero funding from outside.
  • Now I am 38, running two companies with a 30-member team where every member works like a CEO.
  • Our profit margins are way higher than the industry average.
  • Both the businesses run on auto pilot mode giving me ample time to work on exploring new ideas.
  • Does this sound like a dream, which many corporate leaders want to live?
  • Well, this is for REAL! All this was possible because of just one ability of mine – Ability to keep my team Happy.
  • It was in June 2017, on a Saturday afternoon, I was invited to Dehradun by one of my clients “Tupperware India” to share the secrets of my employee engagement.
  • I enjoyed sharing it and my client enjoyed listening and taking in all the learnings. They found very high value in what seemed like a discussion to me. That encouraged me to develop it further, and it shaped into this WORKPLACE HAPPINESS Workshop.
  • Since then many HR leaders are taking benefit from this knowledge and developing it as skill.
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The Path

We made the path from HR to CEO easier for you

  • Level I: Workshop

    1. Learn the Science behind Workplace happiness and how you can use it to kickstart a Happiness Culture in your organisation.
    2. Know why future CEOs will evolve from HR, and how you can put yourself into the path of graduating from a HR to a CEO.
    3. Discover how some organisations are increasing the productivity of their employees by 700%, just by turning them into happy employees.
    4. See why the No.1 performance matrix of a HR in the future will be keeping Employees Happy.  
    5. Learn why it is the best time for HR to start their Employee Happiness Consultancy. The size of Employee Happiness Industry and ROI for creating a Happy Workplace.
    6. Increase your Personal Happiness Index too
    7. Next Batch on 17 of October 2020 at 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM

  • Level II: Workshop - Become Employee Happiness Consultant

    1. Create your own Strategies to enhance the Employee Happiness Index.
    2. Customise strategies to align with the nature of your business in a highly scientific way.
    3.  Implement the strategies learnt in Step-by-step method
    4. Learn the Most Workable Strategies and tools that can be immediately implemented
    5. Learn creating Employee Happiness without any additional budget.
    6. Get equipped for the Employee Happiness Industry as a career opportunity.
    7. Get your Questions answered
  • Level III – Workshop – Become a Employee Happiness Coach

    1. Get trained for 12 weeks on the different Tools and Strategies that can be immediately implemented to kick start the culture of Happiness at a Workplace.  

Get Certified as Employee Happiness Consultant

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