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Ethika Worklife is made up of people who are Happiness evangelists coming from Consulting, people management, technology. design, and research backgrounds, all dedicated to helping employers enhance their workplace Happiness.

Meet Our Experts Team​

Susheel Agarwal

Susheel Agarwal

Founder of Ethika Insurance Broking PVT LTD, Ethika Worklife Solutions

Susheel is a certified Happiness Coach, which enables him to help organizations develop healthy and happy workplaces.

Years of extensive in-depth research by interacting with various leaders of happy & not so happy organizations, attending several Happiness and Leadership programs along with his own authentic experiences, Susheel has been successful in establishing a happy workplace.

He currently works as a Thought Leader and a Passionate Coach, educating corporate leaders to do the same.

Sameena Kauser

Sameena Kauser


Sameena is a Happiness Evangelist as well as a certified Happiness Coach from the prestigious University of Berkeley, California. She has studied Business Management and later led Consulting and IT firms as Director and CEO.

She has worked extensively as Communication & Business Development Consultant, devising successful growth driven strategies. As an entrepreneur she had headed startups in her long career.

She strongly believes that we should derive a sense of meaning and purpose from what we do, and our work should contribute to a larger cause and that is Sameena’s Ikigai, driving her to work passionately towards transforming workplaces, where employees thrive and be Happy at work.

Sandeep Mukka

Sandeep Mukka

Co-Founder & Principal Officer

Sandeep strongly believes that Employee & Client Happiness is of utmost importance for any successful business. After completing his Master in Computer Application, Sandeep instantly embarked on an entrepreneurial journey at a young age of 28, starting with Ethika Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd.

Having developed in-depth knowledge of various verticals in the Insurance Industry & Leading teams of Operations, Technology Development, Customer Relationship Management, Sandeep played an active role in building the Robust Technology platform by automating various manual tasks and enabling a smooth process. Sandeep’s innovative thinking took Ethika’s Client Servicing to the next level.




10+ years of experience in the Insurance Industry along with an MBA, Sarath believes that by sharing knowledge we gain the client’s confidence, which will make the business grow by default.

Besides making innovations in the Insurance industry, Sarath likes to spend his time in nature. He likes to farm with awareness by avoiding chemicals used in farming.

Sarath is a fun loving humorous person who enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life.

Jaswanth Narayana

Jaswanth Narayana

Finance Head

Jaswanth is a senior finance professional with 8+ years of experience in Finance, Accounts, Corporate & Taxation ( FACTS). With his experience in Various industries and various levels of organizations, Jaswanth truly brings an exposure and financial expertise across various cultures to the table.

Navaneetha Reddy

Navaneetha Reddy

Vice President

6+ years of experience in insurance and a Co-Founder of three start-ups in diverse fields. She completed her Mechanical Engineering in India and an MBA from the United Kingdom. Navaneetha adds immense value to the organization.

She is a hard taskmaster who looks after Business Development. Navaneetha is a keen learner who strives to improve her knowledge and help her clients make informed choices, ensuring that their employee benefits are always of the highest quality.

Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar

Vice President of Technical and General Insurance

Suresh’s motto in life is "service to the customer is service to god" and his beliefs are reflected in Claims, Operations or Underwriting.

In the tenure of 15 years with the Private Insurance Sector he has worked as Underwriter, Claims Manager, Branch Manager (Retail sales), Regional Manager (Bancassurance) for United A.P., Branch Head (Retail & Corporate), State Head (Corporate Sales).

His core strengths include Commitment, diligence and honesty, all of which fall under the ethics of Ethika.

He is also a philanthropist who has been doing charitable work since 2014 through a registered body called the ‘Helping Hands ‘platform. Yoga & Meditation is part of his daily activity and enjoys spending his leisure time with his children.

Deepa Narayana

Deepa Agarwal

Assistant Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Deepa leads Ethika Insurance’s Mumbai office, where she manages a talented team to drive results for clients across the western region.

Her association with Ethika began in 2018 and over the years, she has been successful in growing Ethika’s presence in the Western Region. She has worked with several prestigious clients such as Enelx, Trygin, Candere, Helmerich, Browser stack plus many others in the technology space. Both Clients as well as Insurers have acknowledged Deepa’s excellence at what she does!

Deepa graduated in Law and commerce from Pendekanti Law College, Hyderabad as well as 12+ years of rich experience in the corporate sector in India.

Besides excelling at work, Deepa is passionate about cooking with expertise in regional cuisine. She enjoys reading as well as travelling and exploring new terrains!



Operations Manager

Prashant has 5+ years of experience in Healthcare Industry in different verticals of Insurance Domain, Operations, Corporate Relations, Client Servicing, Customer care, People Management, Administration, etc.,

He Handles Operations by managing In and Out activities for Clients assigned. Prashant also manages Corporate Relations by handling 100+ Group policies and rendering custom tailored services as per each client requirement.

He has an exceptional personality which facilitates him to handle clients of all kinds and successfully resolving issues in Operations and Processes. Prashanth is an expert in handling day to day activities which includes coordination with clients, Insurer and Third Parties.

Prashant understands that all work and no play will make him a dull boy, therefore he spends his leisure time playing cricket, listening to music and experimenting in the kitchen.


Madhulika Mudhiraj

Customer Relations Manager

Madhulika has been associated with Ethika since 2017, where she handles Customer and Client relations, pan India.

Madhulika has excellent Communication & Problem-Solving abilities, along with meticulous Planning & Organizational skills. She has consistently and actively worked towards achieving world class Customer Service standards.

Madhulika likes to de-stress by dancing, which she thoroughly enjoys otherwise too.



Underwriter, Employee Benefits

In the four years of working with Ethika, Sowjanya has developed the ability and agility to understand, identify, analyze & recommend solutions that help clients improve their group health/group insurance products.

She holds an MBA with dual specialization in Finance & HR along with 6 years of experience in the General Insurance Industry in Underwriting and Operations.

The Sales Team relies on her expertise for providing lucrative Employee Benefits proposals to several organizations. She is a team player and her empathetic nature helps her forge foundational relations. She firmly believes that in order to perform at our optimum, we must exude positive energy, a mantra she says she imbibed from Ethika’s philosophy.

Sowjanya likes to spend her downtime in the company of plants while listening to her favourite music.



Social Media Manager

Shivani holds a Masters in Technology from Warangal. She manages all social media channels at Ethika. She is the one point of contact for all social media, website and Seo related tasks. She has an agile mind, a skill that is truly essential to handle all communications related tasks.

In her free time, Shivani likes to cook and her area of interest is South Indian cuisines.



Client Happiness Manager

Hobby: Reading books, listening to music, cooking

Important to fix an appointment: Focus on the goal with positivity where you can easily achieve one appointment with an accurate database.

Arshiya Sultana

Arshiya Sultana

Happiness Manager

Arshiya is responsible for the Happiness Program at Ethika. Her core responsibilities include cuarting, managing and scheduling events such as Zumba, Yoga or and other mindful activities.

Arshiya also handles the MYSWISH portal where she helps clients with their queries and ensures a better experience by keeping clients happy and satisfied.

She is a self motivated person, who is skilled at multitasking. She thoroughly enjoys working with different people and enjoys learning new things from them.



Administration & Account Executive

My role in ethika deals with all the accounting work and admin work in Ethika. My strength is hard working and flexibility with the workflow. My learning here is how to deal with different kinds of people and how to tackle your work with ease.

Karthik likes to play a game of chess in his spare time.