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How can you maximize productivity when Working From Home?

Let’s be honest, whether you were already working from home pre-corona or experienced the shift this year itself, we are all seeking answers to this question in 2020. The question, however, isn’t how to work from home, because we have a fair idea by now, however, the question remains, how can we ‘maximize’ productivity when […]

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Mental Health while work from home

5 ways to keep yourself mentally healthy while working from home

The world is changing rapidly as we write this blog and as you read it on your screens. Some of us are good with changes but most of us take time to adjust, while some are really struggling to keep themselves healthy. Below we list a few fresh ideas on how you can keep yourself […]

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work from home

7 reasons why working from home is a blessing in disguise

Come on, it’s not that bad!  With the lockdown coming to an end, some companies have started working with 30% staff whereas some companies such as Twitter, Shopify and Facebook are leading the ‘Work-from-home” Revolution by announcing permanent work from home for their employees. Vaccines for coronavirus could take another 6 months – 2 years […]

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Work from home policies

Work from home policies : What the new normal looks like?

In the wake of Corona, oh wait, my 3-year-old daughter just got up from her nap. BRB Yes, so I was saying since the world hit a snooze button, oh damn just realized it’s time for my Zoom call. BRB  Phew, finally, so I was saying, umm you know what let’s schedule this task at […]

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