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Losing Cake in Pursuit of Cherry? : Attitude of Gratitude

Two boys were on a vacation in a city full of beautiful lakes and mountains. They both decided to try their hand with fishing. They woke up early and had a lavish breakfast. They hiked for almost two hours, listening to the chirruping of the birds and catching the sunlight sneaking through the dense trees. […]

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Digital Distractions : Defeat them before getting Defeated

Have you ever started working on a task and just after a few minutes you started going through the notifications on your phone? Or you were sitting at the dinner table with your family but you were busy thinking about what notifications would have popped up in your phone or how many people would have […]

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You might be just 4 steps away from Building a ‘Great Place to Work’

Two friends – Mahesh and Raman started their businesses at the same time. After almost a year, they are meeting each other. After the pleasantries, Mahesh starts bickering about how nobody at his workplace seems engaged in their work and all they do is look at the clock and count the hours till they can […]

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3 Path Breaking Steps to Create an Invincible Workforce

Just like any other HR professional or Business leader, I conduct Google search on the following questions frequently. How do we achieve optimal Organisational performance through employees? What can we do to retain our best employees and help them get even better? How do we help employees cope up stress and prevent burn-out? Measure performance […]

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Unleashing Myself @ Happy Workplace

Why the hell did you give birth to me, if this is how you treat? I raged, lying in my hospital bed. How dare you say that!? Retarded Ammi in higher decibels. The next moment, she walked out of the hospital ward, weeping. Abbu looked confused, whom to console at this point – his ailing […]

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Entrenched Thinking: Are you a Prisoner of Your Own Mind

I was in Kerala recently and saw a mighty elephant living life of a slave to a lean timid man. I started to wonder how mighty elephants are tamed by relatively tiny and powerless creatures, Human Beings. Why do elephants lead lives in slavery when they have all the strength to overpower their masters and […]

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Richest Man on the Planet wants to move to another Planet!

The world is ending! Okay, not really, but it IS in a critical stage. And it is not because of global warming or dangerous pandemics, even though those seem to be quite potential too. Elon Musk, the richest man on Earth (he is quickly swapping places with Jeff Bezos, who is also on a similar […]

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Do You Own or Are You Owned?

Kangana Ranaut just moved into her new apartment and tweeted, “what you own, owns you as well… I feel like a slave of my own possession.” Brad Pitt said the same thing in  Fight Club. And that got me thinking… My wife is an admirer and collector of dining sets. She has such good taste, […]

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Employee Counselling

How Employee Counselling on personal issues can help the organisation

“Don’t mix personal and professional life” “Don’t let your personal issues affect your professional life, focus on career everything else will settle” “Leave work stress at the office, don’t let it affects the quality of your family time”- We all keep listening to this advice. To all those who give these statements, I have a […]

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