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Juice At Work offers company health programs. We conduct employee wellness program which included employee health check-ups, workplace health services, etc. By our unique company wellness programs in India, we enable your organization to promote healthy lifestyle and prevent disease among your employees.

Mental Health Issues @ Workplace : The Invisible Challenge

Mental Health Issues @ Workplace : The Invisible Challenge

Lakshmi’s transition from ‘dependable’ to ‘unpredictable’ has been a puzzle to Rajeev, her immediate supervisor. Lakshmi was a ‘dependable’ Junior Manager at DBC Real Estate Company, taking care of client relations, reporting to Rajeev. She is a single mother taking care of two young kids and her ageing parents who live in the next town. […]

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a life at barren land

Re – Live | Growth At Ethika | Ethika Worklife Solution Pvt Ltd

Just get out of the house, and don’t show me your face ever, shouted my father at me. I just don’t want to comeback to this family again. I yelled back from the threshold, rushed out, fretting and fuming. Enough is enough, I said to myself coming out on to the street. With nowhere to […]

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3 people in an elveator +

What do we do in elevator?

Just wait for our floor to arrive, avoiding eye contact with strangers. My mentor taught me to use these few seconds in our life, which has the potential to make our day. It is quite simple. Whenever I get into an elevator (office or Home) I just count my no of breaths. My normal breath […]

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