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high impact of corona virus on mental health

Coronavirus – The High Impact on Employee Mental Health

It’s no surprise that the Indian economy has taken a big hit post coronavirus/Covid19 as the news arrives. The GDP of the country has contracted in double-digits, the lowest in decades. We have come from being the world’s fastest-growing economy to our GDP being lower than Bangladesh, the situation looks bleak for everyone in 2020.   […]

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a man writing something - reasons affecting employee happiness

What are the five top reasons, which is affecting our employee’s happiness?

1) How much I am better than yesterday? When an employee’s feel that they are better than yesterday, they will start seeing happiness tomorrow if not today. This kind of happiness is called “Flourishing” 2) Whether I am working for a bigger cause? Remember why many of our employees joined Anna Hazare’s anticorruption India moment […]

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2 women giving hi-fi to each other

7 Key Factors That Contribute to Happiness at Work

1. Relationship with your colleagues It is important to have and maintain healthy relationships with your co-workers after all you do end up spending 8+ hours five to six days a week. If you look at it this way, you are spending more time with your office family than your real family and honestly, that […]

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workplace happiness - ceo handling unhappy employees

How does a CEO tackle/handle unhappy employees at work?

How does a CEO tackle/handle unhappy employees at work? “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. Well, this may seem easy, but trust me setting the right examples, leading a team, and managing day to day activities is not that easy! When we are working with people in a team, differences […]

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employee happiness - the letter h

Did you ever thought that all efforts of our employees are not to become happier?

Did you ever think that all efforts of our employees are not to become happier? But to avoid unhappiness. To remain in the Comfort zone. They think that their comfort zone is happiness. If this is true, Business tycoons have enough money, they could spend the rest of their life is in their comfort zone. […]

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What is the real example of Employee happiness

What is the real example of Employee happiness!

Client: One of my senior employees is infected by COVID. Please assist him with the best possible treatment and help him and his family to overcome the fear. My team member: Yes Sir, we will do it, please pass on his number to me and we will take it up from here. My team member […]

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