Day: August 13, 2020

employee happiness - the letter h

Did you ever thought that all efforts of our employees are not to become happier?

Did you ever think that all efforts of our employees are not to become happier? But to avoid unhappiness. To remain in the Comfort zone. They think that their comfort zone is happiness. If this is true, Business tycoons have enough money, they could spend the rest of their life is in their comfort zone. […]

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employee happiness index - 3 people discussing something

Magical Words Used By an HR Leader to create a powerful Work Environment

See how easily an HR can create a powerful work environment by making use of the below magic words in daily conversations. Get rid of misunderstandings created by miscommunication once for all. Are you now started recognizing the power of these words? In less than 3 min, you will, I have used the same words […]

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employee capacity - a man hitting the target

What is the Difference between your Capacity and your Capability?

I asked my coach to show me a way to reach out to one thousand new Clients per month from my current rate of fifty clients per month. I thought he will ask me to increase my efforts ten times by hiring and training more employees. But he gave me a new perspective. Coach: What […]

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