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50 Game Ideas to Engage employees at the workplace

A happy workplace is directly proportional to the happy results in the workplace. There has been enough research to show that an engaged employee will produce better results and is a factor in motivating employees. Employees usually make faces when they are ‘forced’ to participate in any activities organized by the HR, however, if you […]

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a life at barren land

Re – Live | Growth At Ethika | Ethika Worklife Solution Pvt Ltd

Just get out of the house, and don’t show me your face ever, shouted my father at me. I just don’t want to comeback to this family again. I yelled back from the threshold, rushed out, fretting and fuming. Enough is enough, I said to myself coming out on to the street. With nowhere to […]

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shadow of woman

पीठ में बहुत दर्द था – Dedicated to all Women

डाॅक्टर ने कहा अब और मत झुकना अब और अधिक झुकने की गुंजाइश नहीं रही झुकते-झुकते तुम्हारी रीढ़ की हड्डी में गैप आ गया है सुनते ही हँसी और रोना एक साथ आ गया… ज़िंदगी में पहली बार किसी के मुँह से सुन रही थी ये शब्द “मत झुकना…” बचपन से तो घर के बड़े, […]

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Image of a person with joy

What made you happy today?

Yesterday around 4.30 pm in the evening, as I relaxed by the window side on my cozy recliner, enjoying the drip-drop of the rain on the tree leaves, with the fragrance of musky earth, the phone bell jerked me up. Unwillingly, I took the call. Even before I could speak, Vineeta, with all her excitement […]

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The Joy Of Freedom Is Happiness

This winter Sunday, at 6.30 am in the morning, I am in KBR Park for my routine jog and workout. The incessant rains for the past few days, have made the weather foggier and colder. Very few people made it to their morning walk today, while the majority chose the comfort of their beds. As […]

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vector image of a girl working from home

What it feels like to Work from Home?

Working from home was a luxury granted to a few pre-corona and when that luxury was granted to everyone during corona, it was no longer a luxury. Work from home can sometimes feel like a long exhausting day of endless tasks where the lines between the personal and professional start to blur.  Not everyone has […]

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a girl with joy - earn from home

What are the top 10 best ways to Earn From Home?

If you are looking for ways to make a shift from your run-off-the-mill job and want to attain more freedom by choosing projects that fuel your passion while making money, then working from home as a freelance might be a suitable option. Anyone and everyone can work from home, especially Post-Covid. Companies such as Microsoft […]

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Coronavirus- The high impact on employee mental health

Coronavirus – The High Impact on Employee Mental Health

It’s no surprise that the Indian economy has taken a big hit post coronavirus/Covid19 as the news arrives. The GDP of the country has contracted in double-digits, the lowest in decades. We have come from being the world’s fastest-growing economy to our GDP being lower than Bangladesh, the situation looks bleak for everyone in 2020.   […]

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vector image of a man working - maximize productivity when Working From Home

How can you maximize productivity when Working From Home?

Let’s be honest, whether you were already working from home pre-corona or experienced the shift this year itself, we are all seeking answers to this question in 2020. The question, however, isn’t how to work from home, because we have a fair idea by now, however, the question remains, how can we ‘maximize’ productivity when […]

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How Can You Motivate your Employees to Work Effectively?

How Can You Motivate your Employees to Work Effectively?

Before we can begin to address the question of ‘How to motivate your employees’ we must address the ‘Why’? Why is it even a matter of concern for an employer to actively seek ways to keep their employees happy and satisfied so that they can work efficiently? Research shows that only 13% of employees worldwide […]

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